Reflections on Australia Day

This week, we reflected on what Australia Day means to us. We started by watching a series of video clips about what others thought about the meaning of Australia Day. You can watch them here. We thought about these clips in two different ways:

What is familiar to me and what feelings or experiences expressed might I share?    and

What challenged my thinking?

After we talked about this, we each created our own reflections about Australia Day. Here are some of our ideas …



Why do you celebrate Australia Day?


30 thoughts on “Reflections on Australia Day

  1. Hello 5/6M and M!
    Enjoyed watching your videos and your reflections on Australia Day. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful country.

  2. Hi 5M/6M,

    Zalman here from the team who worked on Difference Differently that created the video you watched. Your teacher tweeted about your work on Twitter. I was really excited to watch your videos. They are really well done. The videos show how you can see the same day from two points of view, those happy to celebrate Australia Day and Aboriginal Australians thinking about it as Invasion Day.

    Wishing you well with all your learning,


  3. Dear 5/6 M and M

    We really liked your videos. We enjoyed it.

    On Australia Day most of us had a BQQ and went somewhere to see the Fireworks.
    We celebrate Australia day and we remember the Aboriginal people.

    From Sarah and Rebekah and 3/4GB

  4. Hi 5/6 M and M
    We like your videos. We like Austarlia day because it is a time of celebrating.

    We are making a video.
    We hope you see it.

    From Liam and Nicholas (3/4GB)

  5. Hi 5/6 M and M,
    We really liked your videos. We are also learning about Australia Day. I think it is important to remember about when the Aborigines tried to keep our land safe. We are thankful that we have water, food and clothes.
    We hope that you had fun on Australia day.

    From Sophie and Ebony.

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  7. Dear 5/6 M and M!

    As a Senior teacher too, I was especially interested in what your opinions were about Australia Day. What appealed to me was that your presented other perspectives than your own. Our classes also enjoy using viewing as an inspiration for our learning. At the moment we are viewing historically memorable speeches. We will also look at your suggestions. Look forward to seeing more of your work.


  8. Hi 56m&m

    Great reflections on Australia day.
    We really need to think about the Aboriginies because they were the first Australians!

    From Livinia;)

    • hi paul,
      I celebrate Australia day by playing basketball in the morning and having a BBQ with friends and family in the afternoon.Do you celebrate Australia day with extended Family and Friends or just with your emidiet Family?


  9. Hello 56 MM,

    I celebrate Australia Day by catching up with my family and having a barbeque.
    We need to think about the Aboriginals more because they’re 5the real Aussies!

    From Georgia 🙂

  10. Hi 5/6 M and M

    What a fantastic job you are doing,all of your work
    has been done really well.I can tell you guys work very very very hard.
    Now I cant wait to start 5/6 M’s Blog.
    No wonder why you guys have great comments.

    Love Kiara

  11. hey 5/6 M and M
    Australia Day videos are great they made me think how proud we are to be australians.
    I wonder how we can involve the Aboriginals more? maybe some flags in coles…

  12. Hi 56MandM

    I loved the ideas of the Australia Day. I thought they were interesting and true. I agree that we should involve more Aboriginies. I would like to know where you got the brillant ideas from and how you thought of doing the videos.

    From Hannah

  13. Hi guys,

    I agree that we are extremely lucky to have such a beautiful country. What would it be like if Australia plunged into war like other countries?

    From Bianca. 🙂

  14. Dear 5/6 M and M,

    I love our beautiful country with all the beautiful life but I wonder what it
    It was like for the Aborjionals ?

  15. Hi 5/6 MandM.
    The vidio’s are great I also think that we should think about the aboriginies on Australia day
    because to them its invasion day.

    From Corey 😀

  16. Hi 5/6MM

    I agree with the Austalia day i noe have two things to think about Austrlia day now. That we celebrete with our familys and that captin Cook invaded Austrlia and had a war with the people before us it it great that you did that.

  17. Hi Mary (56 m and m,)
    thanks for the really nice comment about us. Well we do are best work when we are around you or Melisa. so are you going to put any more australian day videos on the blog? Becuse so fare they are going great!!!
    From Kikki.

  18. hi 5/6 MM!

    It would be horrible to see all the other people dieing when the Australians are dieing.
    I wonder how it would feel?

    Georgia 🙂

  19. Hi 5/6 M and M
    I think you’re right. We do live in a beautiful, lucky Country.
    I wonder what the Aboriginals do on Australia day?
    Good Job
    From Harriet.

  20. Hi class mates i liked your Australia day videos one of the things i learnt was that the people here befor us called australia day they call it invasion day and i celebrate having sausages bye hope you liked my commet bye

  21. Hi 5/6 MandM,
    I love all of our Australia day reflections they really make me think about what Australia day means I wonder how the Aboriginals feel about Australia day?

    From Bess

  22. Hi 5/6 M and M
    I agree that we have a safe country. I think that we are lucky to have such a great country. I have no idea of what it would be like to live in a country that isn’t as safe as ours. I think we did a great job with our Australian speeches. How do you spend your Australia day Mary and Melissa?
    From Mady

    • Hi Mady,
      On Australia I like to have friends and family over. We share a meal with them and enjoy the great outdoors. I also make sure I take time to be grateful for the country I live in because Australia is a free and relatively safe place to live and raise my children.

  23. Hi everyone, Zac here
    those videos go to show that Australians really respect this country serving us as a nation.
    Are you all having a great term?


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