Ditosa’s Story

Today we watched Ditosa’s Story from the Project Compassion Website. Each year, Caritas put together a story to tell what the Project Compassion funds have achieved for a community. You can watch Ditosa’s Story here:



Here are some of our reflections after watching the story and considering the questions What does this story mean to me and What can I do?

This story made an impact on my life and showed me how lucky I am to live the way I do. I can easily walk to a tap, I have proper education, I have good shelter, enough food to survive and many other amazing things that I am extremely lucky to have. by Grace

Ditosa’s story has really touched my heart and my mind. It is hard to imagine what it would be like if I didn’t have parents, education and not much food or clean water. I want to do as much as I can to donate to Caritas so that I can help lots of other poor communities around the world. Everyone has the same rights to the essentials in life. by Bianca

To me, this story means that I have to be grateful for what I have because there are people everywhere who don’t have everything they need. To help these people in need, I can put money into the Caritas box as often as I can. I can do this by whenever I do a job put half of the money in the box. Then the poor can buy what they need with the money. by Hannah G

This story means donation won’t really help me but can make a HUGE difference to the little village in Mozambique and to Ditosa’s family. Knowing there are people in the world is sad, with others in the world driving Ferrari’s and living in mansions when there are people who don’t have clean water and can’t afford food for the family. Even donating 5c can make a difference and help Caritas make the world a better place. by Paul

After I watched this clip I felt that if my family lived there, I would be very proud of my family and my community and me, because the community has developed so, so much. So I think we should spend more time on raising money for communities like this one and make people’s lives so much better. by Harriet 

How does this clip touch your heart and your head? 

What can YOU do?

9 thoughts on “Ditosa’s Story

  1. Hi 5/6 M and M.
    Lilli here
    This clip really touchs my heart
    I will try my best to donate as much as I can.
    What will you do to make a diffrence ?

  2. Hi Lilli!
    I agree with you. I loved the joy experienced by Ditosa because of the work done by Caritas in her community. Wasn’t it wonderful how this small community of children and some adults were able to impact the wider community through their garden. Sometimes, small actions can have big consequences! I am going to empty my wallet of change everyday and instead of frittering it away, I am going to put it into the Project Compassion box.
    You are a star blogger Lilli and I love your enthusiasm!

  3. Dear 5/6 and teachers,

    We loved reading your reflections about Ditosa, they were wonderful. We are going to be watching this video and donating to project compassion in our class during Lent. We are looking forward to your future posts.

    Five White and Miss Azzopardi

  4. Hi 5/6…our seniors are planning the same activity for next week so I was so excited to see the tweet about your work. Now we can use your inspirations for our reflections. I love it when students can collaborate and learn from each other. I was really touched by your reflections. Hopefully we can share ours with you, too.

    Are you planning any special fund raisers this year? Maybe we can swap ideas.We have a dress in green day for St Patrick’s Day and even make “green everything” to sell…cakes, jelly…you name it, we make it!

    Keep in touch,

    Mrs Yore and Senior MY

  5. Hi 5/6 M and M
    These reflectins remind me about how lucky I really am. these reflections are heart touching about how loving and caring Caritas Australia really is. I wonder how many differnt countrys Caritas Autralia has helped?
    Ben L

  6. Hi 5/6 M and M,
    I think that it is great that caratas are helping the people like Ditosa. I find it very sad that all people in the world don’t have as much as we do. I wonder if we can do anything to help the peolpe like Ditosa?
    from Mady

  7. Hi 5/6 m and m,
    This video really made me think about how lucky we are,
    it’s nice to think all of our money is going to a really
    great course it makes me sad to think about all of the poor families in other countries. I wonder if there is anything that we can do
    to help more?
    From Bess.

  8. Dear Mary,
    After watching Ditosa’s story I realised that there are people out there that are less fortunate than me. I love it that Caritas is helping these people in need by sending out the money boxes.

    From Hannah G

  9. Hello everybody,
    I’m Maxwell I really think those are good drawings and I bet the stories were great. What do you think.

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