Picture Story Book Discussions

Today we began the first of our Picture Story Book discussion triads. We chose a leader and the leader read his/her story to the group. We then worked together to discuss some of the important elements and features of the book. Some of the things we focused on were:

  • plot
  • characters – their traits, looks, actions, attitudes
  • setting – how it impacts the story
  • themes
  • messages contained within the story
  • illustrations and their relationship to the text
  • rich language 

Here are some photos of us in action!

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Do you have a favourite picture story book? What makes it your favourite?


10 thoughts on “Picture Story Book Discussions

  1. Thanks for the update re your picture story books. The question was asked what was my favourite PSB. I have to tell you I cannot think of a favourite as I have many that I rate highly. On a side isssue since Christmas I have finshed two books – Life of Pi and The Secret Race. I love to read.

  2. Hi guys,
    Our pitcure story book discusions are going very well.
    I think that pitcure book’s are a good topic because most of us love reading.

  3. Hi everyone

    I liked your idea of picture book discussions. I don’t have a favourite picture book because I like heaps of different ones. I wonder if there is any books that are in mind for the childrens picture book award for book week. Our school has our own mini book winner we all vote and they announce it at school assembly.

    From Hannah

  4. Hi everyone,
    We are all doing such a great job with our reading responses and while we have been doing the reading responses I have discovered some really great books. I also enjoyed sharing my book, The Thirsty Flowers. What is your favourite book?
    From Harriet.

  5. Hi class mates i loved it howed we got showed new books and we had to write a respose and my faviourite picture book probly is mr chiken goes to paris. hoped you liked my commet bye

    • Hi Ethan.
      My favourite picture story book is Rummage. You might remember I read it to you last week. I love it because it has a really great message about being true to yourself and not being ashamed to be your true self. I am wondering why Pirates is your favourite?

  6. I love seeing what you are doing with picture story books. I have far too many to choose only one. So many things to love about them…the stories, the messages and the works if art they contain. Hope you are using the ones I left in the M and M office.

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