Guest Post from Paul, Emma and Bianca

This week in literacy, we have been looking into the features of a picture story book. Our class, 5/6  M and M have been split into groups of up to four and have taken turns in sharing their picture story book that they have chosen to study. As well as discussing our picture story book, we also had to create a front cover for our litracy book along with a  favourite picture and sentence. Here are Paul, Emma and Bianca’s front covers for our literacy activity which were chosen by Mary as the best picture story book front covers.

8 thoughts on “Guest Post from Paul, Emma and Bianca

  1. hi everyone,
    We have so much talent in our class. Whether it’s drawing or writing a story everyone tries their best in our class and look how good those front covers look.
    How do you guys draw like that did you trace it or is it free hand?

    from will

  2. Hello my name is Alfie from new york class and i love these pictures of front covers of of a book. did you draw these?

  3. hi it’s Jacobie and Beth from The Norman school England, New York class.
    We have really enjoyed your work and picture story books,and hope to hear more from you and hope to see your picture story finished
    bye from Jacobie and Beth. 🙂

  4. Hi Emma I’m Sadie from constantine primary school. I love your drawrings that you did I wish I was as good as that. From Sadie

  5. Hey guys,

    These picture are AMAZING!!! All of you could become famous one day for your drawings. What inspired you to make the cover look as it does?


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