Guest Post by Will and Ben G MATHS (ESTIMATION GAME)

In maths this week we are focusing on ESTIMATION. Today we played a game called ice ice maybe. We played this game in groups of four, one person played on the computer and the other three played it in their maths book and then they rotated until everyone had a go. Here is a link to the the game

                                                               ice ice maybe 

We had to create icebergs for the penguins to jump on based on estimating the equations on the screen. The higher levels got faster and faster. Here is some of us in action:



16 thoughts on “Guest Post by Will and Ben G MATHS (ESTIMATION GAME)

  1. Hi 5/6 MM,

    I loved playing that game, I loved how it was fun and educational at the same time.
    Do you think they got the name of the game from the song Call Me Maybe?

    Hope to hear from you!

    • Hi Bianca.
      I am glad you enjoyed the game. I had never thought about where the name came from! I wonder if you are right? I think the game could be improved by adding a few more levels and working with hundreds, tens and units. DO you have any ideas for how the game could be made better?

    • Hi Bianca and Mary,
      I also think it was fun to.I really liked playing this game because it was really exciting to see what your next sum was going to be.I think they based it on “Ice ice baby” the song what do you think? Please reply

      from Will

  2. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for replying to my comment. An idea to make the game better would be to make the estimation a bit closer to the answer to make people think a bit more. What do you think?

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Will,

    I never thought of the game being named after that song, I always thought the name was based on Call Me Maybe. Who wrote that song?


  4. we play ice ice maybe in England and we just play it by ourselves instead of groups of four also it’s on the maths website we use.PS how about having a look at our blog.

  5. Cool writing, may name is Louis and our school is in contantine and we also use mangahigh for homework.Please comment on the work for our blog Louis

  6. Hi. At Constantine Primary we have Manga High and we LOVE IT!
    I hope you LOVE IT too!

    Mabye someday, we can have a Fai To battle!

    You might also enjoy some of our writig on our Blog.

    Keep in touch,


  7. Hello Joanna here from Constantine Primary School,we play Ice Ice Maybe in England on a website called Mangahigh. We use it for homework and there are lots of different maths games on it. I think it is named after the song: Ice Ice Baby, because the game was around way before the song: Call me maybe ever came out.
    Overall a good post with some good pictures.

  8. hello, my name is daisy and I like ice ice mabye too. I like your writing of the game, we do manga high too. From Daisy

  9. Hi, i’m Mya and im from constantine we play mangahigh to we could challenge schools!! it would be great fun! i hope you did well on Ice Ice Baby.

  10. hi i hope you enjoy manga high, mabye one day we could challenge you.We have many talented children as i am sure you have too.

  11. hi Henri here from constantine school, nice work and we ply that game at our school I think it’s actully abit fun goodbye

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