Guest Post by Hannah R Dunalley Pick Me Up Project

For Integrated/Religon we are suppoting Dunalley Primary school in Tasmania. We are brainstorming ideas about how we can make their day. The reason why we are supporting this school is because it was burnt down. The only things remaining were a very old chimney and the sign at the front of the school. So far we have watched a video about their school. The video showed us photos of their school before it burnt down and after it had burnt down. We saw how beautiful their school was especially being by the ocean which is why we thought it was a little bit of a surprise that it burnt down. One of the sad things was they had just built a brand new playground for the students. Some of the ideas we have had include sending them each a letter from us, having a lolly jar competition to raise some money to buy some things for them and making some bits and pieces for them. We hope they can get back on track for a really happy life. Here is the video!


2 thoughts on “Guest Post by Hannah R Dunalley Pick Me Up Project

  1. Thankyou for taking the time to put the video up; both frightening and beautiful. The human spirit is wonderful thing to rise above such great horror and sadness. Well done to the community.

  2. Whar a terrific video Hannah, really shows the spirit of the community. It is scary to think that fire can still destroy things even by the water.

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