11 thoughts on “Hi Dunalley Primary!

  1. Wow! I love this, what a fantastic idea!! I am wondering if we could steal the idea and try it out ourselves…perhaps we can compare and contrast styles?? I love it…you are very lucky you have an amazing teacher with lots of great ideas. Dunalley will love it, I know we did!
    Regards, Leah Sinnott

    • Hi Mrs Sinnott.
      You can certainly steal our idea, we ‘borrowed’ it from someone else. It was heaps of fun making this and we are really hoping it puts a smile on the face of the Dunalley Primary Students. We would love to see what your class put together. Are you going to star in the video??
      Thanks for visiting,
      5/6 M and M

  2. Hi 5/6 M and M…I’m supposed to be on holidays but, for me it’s a great time to go surfing for ideas from other great teachers and classes. Loved this one! If I show my 5/6 they’ll beg to do it, too!

    Marg Yore

  3. Hi everybody,
    It seems like you have had a wonderful time making this video. It seemed like a lot of fun and also it was big hit at gallery viewing which is always good! I really love the idea of this video it really makes my day better when it’s all rainy outside and sister is in a bad mood it just makes your day a whole lot brighter. What crazy outfit would you wear ?
    From Lilli

  4. Whoever came up with this, it was a totally AWESOME idea!!! This was really cool, having stuff about all of your learning and then all of a sudden you scroll down and there is this clip of some crazy dance! If I was in 5/6 MM (unfortunatly not, because of my sister), I would have worn my pinf scarf. Whoever saw me at the school disco 2 years ago would know what I’m talking about. I is not a scarf to keep you warm, just a sparkley one to look good. This clip really made me laugh.
    Nicola 😉

  5. Hi everyone,
    I’m commenting on the Harlem shake. Well done everyone on the Harlem Shake I loved it, I hope Dunalley Primary enjoyed too.
    How were your holidays?

  6. Hi everyone,
    This was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed doing something interesting that our whole class could enjoy that would also make someone else’s day. Do you think we will do another video this term?
    From Grace

  7. Hi Class,
    I really enjoyed making the Harlem Shake with the class! Great idea! I wonder if this inspires others to Make their own Harlem Shake?
    From Mady

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