Gallery Viewing Term 1

The 5/6 M and M Gallery Viewing Team did a wonderful job sharing all our Term 1 learning with our school community. It was great to have our blog to showcase some of the great work we have done during the term and the ‘Harlem Shuffle‘ was a BIG hit with all the visitors to our room. We also enjoyed going around to some of the other classes and seeing what they have been learning about. Here are some photos of our team in action – well done team!

9 thoughts on “Gallery Viewing Term 1

  1. 5/6MM,

    Sorry I didn’t get to see the Harlem Shuffle, anything to do with the Rolling Stones song called strangely enough, the Harlem Shuffle?
    Glad you had a great term, have enjoyed following you with your blogs.


  2. Hi 5/6 MM,

    I really enjoyed presenting our work for the school to see our learning. I think everyone loved our Harlem Shake we showed them. How were the classes you went to? What were they up to?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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  4. Hi 5/6 mm,
    I really enjoyed gallery viewing even though I wasn’t presenting. Out of all the classes I think we had the best presentation and the best fun in term 1. I wonder what we will be learning about next term?


  5. To 5/6 MandM,
    I think gallery viewing was really enjoyable and everyone had lots of fun,
    I wonder if other classes had as much fun as we did?
    From Bess

  6. hello Mary
    I really enjoyed doing gallery viewing with my class mates and I like you post on it. Harlem shake ruled. what will we do next?
    from Christian.

  7. Dear 5/6 MandM
    I had so much fun at gallery viewing see what all those other classes have been up to and clever they are getting. Did any parents from our class come to gallery viewing???
    From Kikki.

  8. Hi guys
    Gallery viewing was so fun, it was good to see what other classes where up to in there learning.
    I wonder if the other classes had as much fun as we did looking at what other grades are learning?

    From Paul.

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