Reading Activities

In our Literacy session this week, we have worked on a variety of activities related to reading skills. One of these was creating a conversation between two of the characters from our class novel Wonder. We did this using a program called and this was how we were able to present these conversations back to the class. This was a really valuable activity as we were able to show one another how we would feel if we were walking in the character’s shoes (empathy). Here are some for you to enjoy!


Welcome to Quadblogging!

Countries participating in Quadblogging

Quadblogging for 2013 begins for us the first week of Term 2, the week beginning 15th April. What is quadblogging you may ask?

Can you guess from the name????

Well, quadblogging is when we are linked up with three other schools around the world so we can visit each other’s blogs and share each other’s learning. There is a roster for being the ‘focus blog’ for the week and when it is our turn, our quadblogging buddies will visit our blog. When it is their turn, we will do the same. It will be great to have a wider audience for our blog and to make some great new connections around the world.

Can you think of some good questions for our quadblogging buddies?

 Here are the links to our Quadblogging buddy’s blogs:

Sacred Heart Primary School

Constantine Primary School

The Norman C of E School