Welcome to Quadblogging!

Countries participating in Quadblogging

Quadblogging for 2013 begins for us the first week of Term 2, the week beginning 15th April. What is quadblogging you may ask?

Can you guess from the name????

Well, quadblogging is when we are linked up with three other schools around the world so we can visit each other’s blogs and share each other’s learning. There is a roster for being the ‘focus blog’ for the week and when it is our turn, our quadblogging buddies will visit our blog. When it is their turn, we will do the same. It will be great to have a wider audience for our blog and to make some great new connections around the world.

Can you think of some good questions for our quadblogging buddies?

 Here are the links to our Quadblogging buddy’s blogs:

Sacred Heart Primary School

Constantine Primary School

The Norman C of E School



8 thoughts on “Welcome to Quadblogging!

  1. Hi Mary and Melissa,
    I have been looking forward to doing quad blogging this year because it is great fun going on other classes’ blogs and reading about what they learning this term. I especially like it when they are from places like England. I also love doing little computations on our blog with our quad blogging buddies/friends. I think that it’s a great way to share our learning with kids and teachers from all over the world.
    From Hannah G

    • Hi Hannah.
      I love quadblogging too and I think it is a wonderful way to connect with students around the world. It is great to connect with other students around the world and find out about some of our similarities and differences. I think 2 of the schools are from England and one is from New Zealand. Maybe you could look on Google maps and find out exactly where they are? Now there is a challenge for you!

  2. Hi Mary and Melissa,
    I really love quad blogging other schools and seeing their blogs.I did a really good comment with Kikki and it was fun as!I think Quad blogging is a really good way to talk to other schools.Have you sent Sacred Heart a comment yet Mary and Melissa?
    From Mady

  3. Hi 5/6 M and M,
    I think its a fantastic idea to link up with other schools blogs.
    Me and my friends have had a real good laugh at some of the videos they put up there!
    Is this the only time we will be Quadblogging this year?
    from Ben

  4. hi 5/6 M and M
    This is an awesome idea i cant wait for them to look at our blog!!
    Will we be doing this again???
    From Eden

  5. Hi 5/6 M and M,
    Mr Wild here, teacher from Constantine Primary School.
    My class and I are all looking at your blog right now.
    You have some interesting widgets on your blog, such as the Voki, Shelfari and the tag graphic which spins around.
    One of the main differences between our schoiol and yours (apart from being in a different hemisphere)is that we are not a religious school; religion is obviously very important to you in your school.
    Have you looked our blog yet?

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