10 thoughts on “Italian Day – lots of fun!

  1. Hi everyone,
    Italian day was so much fun !!!
    We all got to dress up as something from Italy.
    I dressed up as a pizza chef with flour all over me.
    I had a disaster in the kitchen.
    What would you dress up as or what did you dress up as ?
    Lilli Holy Spirit School

  2. Hi 5/6,
    I really enjoyed Italian day this year!
    I dressed up as an italian sport star in the italian coulors.
    What did you dress up as this year.

  3. Hi 5/6 MM,

    I thought Italian was an excellent success. Grazie Marialisa, I had lots of fun. What do you think was the best part of Italian Day?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. hi 56 m and m
    italian day was heaps of fun wish i could do it again next year.
    What was your favorite part mine was the galati
    ok bye!

  5. To 5/6 M and M,
    Italian day was a lot of fun; my favourite part of the day was when we made pizzas with our buddies’ wonder if any of our quad blogging schools learn languages?
    Thanks Bess.

  6. Dear 5/6,
    I had a really great and fun Italian Day. I dressed up in the italian flag colours which are white, red and green. Thanks for a great day.
    from Hannah G

  7. Hi 5/6 M and M,
    Italian Day was so much fun!!!
    we all go to dress up make our own pizzas and one with our prep buddies. My pizza was to die for!!! We also did scoccer, Italian dancing and ate delicious gelatie. I dressed up as the father of the Parmarsan family that run a family restarant Italianoes.
    What would you have gone as or went as for Italian Day?
    From Emma.

  8. To Mary
    That is a great video on italian day. I enjoyed it a lot. Its sad I won’t be here next time we have italian day right?
    from Christian

  9. Hi its Muirne from Constantine Primary School, it looks like you all had a really good time dressing up as Italians… Well it looked really fun.

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