Anzac Day Snapshots

Our class  worked on rich writing after we had participated in an Anzac Day Prayer Service and looked at some of the Anzac information loaded on our blog. In snapshot writing, the goal is to make the reader feel like he/she is right in the moment of what is happening. The focus is on the senses – what can I see, smell, hear, taste and touch and how do these things make me feel. Here are some samples of our writing:


Suffering and Mateship                      8/7/1917

I see people leaping for cover as blood pours all over the dusty ground, the sounds of the enemy coming closer and closer. Suddenly, I hear an ear splitting cry! I spin around (one eye still on the enemy’s guns) and I see a fighter lying on the ground, holding his stomach. I sprint to the spot where he lays and fall to my knees at his side. I look around desperately at the surrounding chaos. I see the boat we arrived on. I pull and pull, yanking his arm over the rim and lie him down. I take off my shirt and wrap it around his wounds. “You’ll be alright, mate” And I know this is only the beginning!  

(by Mady)

Anzac Snapshot: Death and loss.

Here I stand on muddy ground with bodies and blood sprawled everywhere. Here I look, there have been so many lives lost and these bodies are no longer able to return to their loved ones. Here I ask myself, why did I ever come here? What’s the point of fighting when so many soldiers go to war and so few return. I never wanted to be a murderer and yet here I am, deeply regretting what I have done on the shores of Gallipoli.

(by Bianca)

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12 thoughts on “Anzac Day Snapshots

  1. Fabulous work Mady and Bianca. By concentrating on the senses it really highlights the feelings of our Anzacs. What a terrible place to be and terrible choices to be made. I am glad through it you have reflected on the mate ship our diggers felt towards each other and even the ‘enemy’. Powerful work.

  2. Hi Mady and Bianca,
    What lovely writing you have produced using your ‘snapshot’ writing technique. You were certainly able to ‘show’ me through description and feeling, instead of ‘telling’ me like some writers can do when they provide all of the detail for you in an uninteresting way. Well done and I look forward to reading more from you both in the future!
    Regards, Mrs. Sinnott and 5/6S

  3. Hi Peter, Lobroo and Mrs. Sinnott,
    Thanks for the comments on our snapshots. We are both glad you enjoyed them. Did you have any relatives who went to war? If so, how do you think they felt?
    Thanks again, Bianca.

  4. Hi 5/6 mandm,
    Well done on your snap shots Mady and Bianca, your descriptions were very good. Did this take you long to do?
    From Bess and Ian.

  5. These are two great pieces of writing. The role of the Anzacs in WW2 isn’t something I know a lot about, as when we study WW2 in Britain, we uaually focus on the home front, the Blitz, D-day etc. You should have a look at Louis’ post called “The last mission of George Lancaster” on Constantine’s blog. Louis is a real WW2 nut and has written some good writing inspired by WW2. Keep up the good work, Mady and Bianca.

  6. Cool writing I liked the description in your work and I really felt like I was loooking through glass at the battle.


  7. Hello Bianca an Mady, Joanna here from Constantine School in England, your writing is really gripping and I felt like I was there. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hello,
    I am Tilly from Constantine school.
    When I read your writing I felt as if I was in that scene standing right next to you. It was very emotional and sad.
    From Tilly

  9. Hi Mady and Biaca,
    Your writing is superb.I love the way your writing puts the reader in the middle of the action and the effective words really bring the tale to life.Why don’t you visit our blog ( some time.
    from Vera

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