Amazing Designers in 5/6 M and M

This term we are doing a novel study. Each student has selected a novel that appeals to him or her and we are going to use these novels throughout the term to find out about how writers work, the kind of devices they use in their texts and how to improve our own writing. The first task was to create a front cover in our literature books depicting the novel selected. Here are the best ones, as selected by the class and Mary. It was VERY hard to choose as there were so many wonderful illustrations. These are inspiring …


2 thoughts on “Amazing Designers in 5/6 M and M

  1. Wow! Cool pictures. I like the idea that you got to pick your own book to study. Our entire class is doing the same book, “Hunter”, but we all have different amounts of work we have to do on the book. Hopefully you will post some of your finished research. I look forward to it!

    Maia, Sacred Heart Petone.

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