The Davey Dragons

Here are two drawings that Ethan did over the weekend.

Ethan: the two dragons I drew as two different species of dragons; the one on the left being a male magma dragon and the one on the right is a female aquatic dragon. These dragons are not from anything and are completely free hand drawn.

15 thoughts on “The Davey Dragons

  1. Wow, they are really amazing drawings Ethan! We really enjoyed reading your blog. We are 2 girls in yr 6 from Osgodby Primary School in United kingdom Lincolnshire. If you would like to read our blog this is the link

  2. G’day mate,
    I’m James from Sacred Heart Primary School in New Zealand. Do you have a Minecraft Club? We do here at our school. Elliot and Oscar have a Minecraft club. They are hardcore Minecraft players. I play occasionally. Those drawings are pretty good. I don’t mean to brag but I am a pretty great drawer too. I have drawn some epic dragons in my time. Is there such thing as an Epic Dragon? You should draw one. Are those dragons friendly or fierce beasts? If they are fierce I wouldn’t want to meet them. You should have a look at my epic blog By the way EPIC is my favorite word.

    See ya later Ethan

    • Hey james,
      thanks for the comment i really apreciate it and if your a pretty good drawer id like too see one of your drawings too!
      ok about the dragons the one you see on the left is a fierc
      beast and the one on the right is nice and ive got 700+ houres on minecraft dont tell my mum 😉
      ahve you heard of the new update with horses

  3. How ya doing Ethan.
    My name’s Dom and I go to school in New Zealand.
    Those Dragons are quite fierce. I would not want to meet those dragons in the wild(thats a good thing!!).I saw you like minecraft. You should draw the Ender Dragon. Can you put some more drawings on?

  4. Hello Ethan, these are really good drawing’s of dragons I’m really impressed. I think they have really good detail and they look really realistic, but why did you decide to draw these? Was it just for un or because you were bored?
    -Elliot Kakapo

  5. Sup bro,My name is Patrick and I go to Sacred Heart school in Petone. Don’t listen to James our school doesn’t actually have a mine craft club. Any way I like your drawings. I really like dragons they are magical creatures. Sorry but I have to go now so bye.


  6. Hi my name is Mercedes, Im from New Zealand.
    I think these drawings are really cool, i like all the detail that is put into the drawings.
    I think they look really awesome!!!
    Keep up the good work!!!
    New Zealand:)

  7. Hi Ethan, cool drawings! I like your dragons.How many species have you thought of?

    Dylan. Wellington New Zealand.

  8. g’day mate

    I’m Jonny and I live in Canada. These drawings are so good but maybe could you draw something from minecraft? I dont know if you even know what minecraft is but it would be really cool.

    Jonny B)

  9. Hey Ethan,
    These drawings are AMAZING. I’m quiet jealous of these actully!
    Keep up the good work! Are you going to do any other sketches for the blog?
    From Grace

  10. Hey Ethan,
    Great sketches, they are really cool!I hope you are going to draw more.
    By the way if you draw more what will they be?

    From Paul.

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