What do spoons have to do with fractions???

You might be wondering what on earth spoons have to do with fractions? Well …

We played a fractions game where we had to collect four equivalent numbers including a fraction, a decimal, a percentage and a visual representation. You had to be the first one to get all of your equivalent numbers and then you had to steal a spoon without people noticing. Once one spoon was gone, you could sneakily steal one for yourself. When everyone had collected a spoon, the person that got the first spoon had to check that he/she had all the correct matching numbers. The person who missed out on the spoon got 10 points. The object of the game was to have the LEAST points to be the winner. Today’s winners were:

Hannah G

Ben L




One thing we found is you really need to keep a close eye on the cards being passed and a closer eye on the spoons! You also had to know how to convert fractions to decimals and percentages. This is a game of skill and chance.


12 thoughts on “What do spoons have to do with fractions???

  1. Hi guys,
    This was a really great maths activity.
    I love the game spoons, and playing it in class was even more fun!
    What types of stratigies did you use?
    From Grace W.

  2. Hi 5/6MM,
    I really liked playing spoons; I learnt that you need to
    keep a close eye on the spoons but also watch the cards
    that were passing through. I think the game is on chance
    as well as strategy. I wonder if we will play spoons with
    a different maths subject?
    From Bess.

  3. Hey Guys,

    This is a fabulous game to learn fractions, decimals and percentages. You play a fun game, and learn at the same time! I know that this game is liked by our class, we all get excited when we play it.
    What is the most important thing about fractions?


  4. Hi 56mandm,
    It’s Lachie G here, the spoon game was so much fun that was one of the best math lessons I’ve ever experienced. Thankyou guys for making it a great success. I like it when you have stolen a spoon and nobody knows its so hard not to laugh, you really have to concerntrate on the spoons. Let me know how much fun you had whilst playing this game.
    Lachie G.

  5. I think that playing a game with spoons would be quite interesting. I enjoy doing fractions, but I prefer multiplication and division. Who is the best at this game? Is there anyone in the class who wins a lot? This game sounds fun.
    Sacred Heart Petone
    New Zealand

  6. I never knew you could do fractions with spoons It is very interesting.

    From Marie

    Sacred Heart Petone Quadblogging class blog

  7. hey 5/6 mandm,
    that game looks like fun! When we played it we had alot of fun.
    Our post test for fractions is coming up and we have learnt so much in this unit.
    Mabye you guys could have a look at our blog in the maths section.
    Isobel 😀 (5/6 ben)

  8. Hey Guys
    hi Josh here, the spoon gamewas really fun because you had to get the cards and try to sneak the spoon so the people you play with can not see. that was the best maths lession i have ever hadi in my life. How do you get those fraction cards.

    From Josh

  9. Hi there 56mandm,
    It has been a while since I have visited your blog so I thought I would take the plunge while doing a bit of work on my own. I am glad I did as we are about to launch back into fractions decimals and percentages again for the next few weeks and I am interested in the game you were playing to practice your skills. I am wondering if you can play it with any cards or does it come as a set that has the spoons and instructions with it?? If you have a copy of the full instructions I would be very appreciative if I could get a copy as I know my students will love it from the type of comments that are being left. I look forward to hearing from you about this!
    Regards, Mrs. Sinnott and 5/6S http://www.thelearninglair.weebly.com

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