Granny’s Rug

This week in Maths, we have been investigating length, area and perimeter. This is the task we had:

“Granny has bought a new rug for her hallwaythat measures 1m x 1m. Unfortunately, she gets it home and finds it is too wide for her hallway!” Make Granny’s rug and calculate the area and perimeter of it. Resize Granny’s rug so it has the same area but will fit into her hallway (it has to be less than 1 metre wide!) Calculate the area and perimeter of her new rug. What do you notice? Record sketches and measurements of your rugs and write some statements about what you have discovered about area and perimeter.

Here are our efforts!




One thought on “Granny’s Rug

  1. Hi 5/6 M and M,

    I loved Granny’s Rug it was so fun, and it really helped with our maths skills.
    It was a little bit messy though!!
    I wonder if we will be doing any more on measuring?

    From Bess.

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