100 Word Challenge Week 3 Lachie G

The sparkling stars fill the night sky like angels falling from heaven. The tower standing tall and proud as I wave in the shadow of the fig tree, as the wind whistled past so silently, yet so stealthily. My heart was beating incredibly fast as I took a leap of faith, landing on the soft grass in silence. I gaze up at the one window above as it scrapes the sky with its height. I plant one hand on the castle walls, as I take a deep breath and start to climb, for I know this could be the last day for me on earth  

One thought on “100 Word Challenge Week 3 Lachie G

  1. Super effort Lachie,

    I love the simile, it provides great imagery for your reader. I want to keep reading and see if you make it up the castle as well as finding out whats in the castle? Keep it the good work mate,

    Ben (5/6B)

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