100 Word Challenge Week 3 Mady

Five, four, three, two, one. The gong sounded loud through the arena. I sprinted off my metal plate and headed for the jungle. My breathing too fast for my liking, I hid behind a large, green bush, watching the other tributes. Suddenly, I saw Finnick, eyeing the bush where I concealed myself. He started to head my way, but I was one step ahead of him and I was gone, into the dark, green jungle where I knew he couldn’t follow. I heard him call my name, “Katniss, Katniss” but I kept running. I really wanted to stop but I knew I couldn’t; my heart was beating incredibly fast… 


Congratulations to Mady whose 100WC made it to the showcase this fortnight! Visit www.100wc.net to see her name up in lights!

9 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 3 Mady

  1. Wow Mady, what a great piece of writing. I love how you’e built the tension up and haven’t ever actually told us why he was following you or why you were running. You’ve used a good range of different types of sentences and punctuation to help you do this. I really like how you’ve said ‘my breathing too fast for my liking’ as it tells me so much. What were the tributes that you were watching?

  2. Amazing writing, Mady!
    I can definitely tell that, that was about The Hunger games.
    Your story SO deserves to go onto the 100 word story web!


  3. Hi Su,
    Thank you very much for your comment! In my story, the tributes were trying to get into the jungle to catch me but I was too fast for them. Then I realized that Finnick was too close to I ran so he couldn’t get me!
    Once again, thanks for your comment,

  4. Great story Mady,

    You should be very proud of your writing piece, it has some great drama to it. What a great story to base your 100WC off, The Hunger Games. Remember when using something like this as inspiration to not assume all your readers know the back story of your inspiration (The Hunger Games). I think you’ve done a fabulous job and now that your 100WC is online, who knows, Suzanne Collins may be lucky enough to read it!
    Well done!

    Ben (5/6B)

  5. I liked how you recreated that scene from the Hunger Games and I also liked how you used words like sprint to show how Katniss is feeling.

  6. Hi everyone,
    I was really happy that I got into the top 10 or something for the 100 word challenge and I hope I can get there again because I’m really pleased with the one I’m writing now!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for all your comments

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