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  1. Hi 5/6 MM,

    My strategy for the game was to find the biggest lot of numbers in a row and then try to use the other numbers to fill in the gaps. With the second challenge I did the process of elimination. If the numbers were going down then I would know that it is subtraction or division, but if it was going up it would have to be multiplication or addition.
    What was your strategy?


  2. hi guys
    My strategy was to work out the first three numbers and complete the pattern. In the third challenge I would work out the pattern in the first four numbers and pressed the panic batten when the robot could step on the tile that I could step on.

  3. Hello!
    my strategy was to find the first 2 numbers in a row so I could see how much it was taking away or adding. I practiced working out sums with a timer as quick as I can! The challenging part of the mission was seeing how far the robot was to you! It kind of made me panic!

  4. Hi everyone

    My strategy was to look at the numbers that were already next to each other and then worked out the difference between them and added that thinking. I practiced looking at patterns and making decisions based on what I already know and what I can see. It was challenging when you were under time pressure and the numbers were getting higher or harder.

    From Hannah

  5. Hi 5/6MM,
    I found this game a bit stressful because it was tricky to stay away from the robots and finish the pattern before the robots came but at the same time I think the game was fun. A strategy I used was quickly figuring out the first three differences between the numbers and once I did that it was easy to do the others. I din’t just work on the first two first because sometimes there were patterns like adding 5 one time and then adding 6 the next. My record for how many bio rods I got was 7.
    From Harriet

  6. Dear 5/6 MM,
    One of my strategies for the game was to knock out all the numbers that I knew it couldn’t be. Then I used the first and second numbers to help me find the difference. There were two things that this game helped me practice, they were quick thinking and in a way multiplication. The thing that I found challenging was trying to think what the answer was in time so that the robot wouldn’t get me.
    From Hannah G

  7. Hi Guys,
    My strategy was to work out the first 3 numbers to see what i needed to do meaning takeaway, add, multiply or divide a certain amount. what i found challenging was how fast the robots came at the player.I learnt how fast my brain was at solving number patterns and practiced to make my brain work faster.


  8. Hi 5/6MM,
    My strategy was to work out the number in between the numbers that were given and skip count on to answer the gaps. The part hard was that the robot came so quickly at you, you only had a couple of seconds to work out the number. What I practised in this game was skip counting, when you had to add on the number that you work out the difference for the given number, to work out the mystery number. I also practised elimination and what answers it certainly wasn’t going to be and what answers it could be.


  9. Hi 5/6 MandM,

    My strategy was to work out the first one then the second one, and when i had done that then I knew what to put down.

    The thing that really pushed me is I knew I only had a certain limit of chances, it was almost like having a timer. In the mission I practised my algerism, counting and pattern solving.

    From Jessica.

  10. Hello 5/6 MandM,

    What I practised in this mission was my speed to work out the answer before the robot came. I tried to look at all the numbers to work out the pattern and quickly work out the answers. I found the second level hard because the robot was always catching up to me and the patterns were more difficult. One of the strategies I used was halving.

    From Lachlan

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