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  1. Hi 5/6 M and M,
    I have never read the book, but I almost got all the questions wright! Gabrielle Wang is a great author, I read her book ‘A ghost in my suitcase’ last term.
    From Grace

  2. Hi Hannah and Zoe,
    it is so cool how technology allows us to do things like this. You guys Obviously know a lot about the book.
    What is the website called?

  3. Hi Hannah and Zoe
    I love the idea of making a quiz for every one to play. It really lets people learn about your book. Did you enjoy your book? Great job.

  4. Hi 5/6MM,

    That’s a cool quiz!
    I read The Pearl of Tiger Bay as well.
    It’s a really great book.
    What’s your favourite part?
    Mine is when Annie and Madame Olenka start the theatre of Little Stars.

    From Bess.

  5. Hi everyone,
    Wow Hannah and Zoe this quiz is awesome. Isn’t it amazing what technology does these days.

    Hey, we should make a quiz on the year we had and test other people


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