100 Word Challenge Week 3 Lachie G

The sparkling stars fill the night sky like angels falling from heaven. The tower standing tall and proud as I wave in the shadow of the fig tree, as the wind whistled past so silently, yet so stealthily. My heart was beating incredibly fast as I took a leap of faith, landing on the soft grass in silence. I gaze up at the one window above as it scrapes the sky with its height. I plant one hand on the castle walls, as I take a deep breath and start to climb, for I know this could be the last day for me on earth  

100 Word Stories

This week in writing, we have tried our hand at 100 word stories. We had to write only 100 words based on the prompt

But I wondered what I would do …

This has been a great task to help us focus on our choice of words and creating  mood in our writing. We voted on the top  pieces in our class. Here they are … we hope you enjoy them!


But I wondered what I would do! I fell to the old splintery wood; a rusted nail tore my flesh. Tears swelled in my eyes, a throbbing lump wedged in my throat, enlarged. The words slipped round my mind “What would I do?”  I let out an ear piercing scream and covered the wide gash, trying to stop the blood pouring out. My head spun like a spinning top as I slowly wobbled to my feet. The fire place crackled and puffed wispy smoke into the crisp air. The flames licked up any dry wood like a cat drinking milk. I slid my hand up the ancient mantel piece. I knew what I must do.  


This was tricky. I jogged to the spot where she lay. Motionless. I gently put one shaky hand to her chest. Beatless. How was I going to save her? Suddenly, I reach for my back pack and take it from my back. Carefully, I lift her head and slide my pack under her. She doesn’t make a sound. Then I realise what I have to do. Slowly, I bend down and put my lips on hers. I blow some air into her mouth then push on her chest. Nothing. Wait, something! She starts breathing! She’s alive! But I wondered what I would do…


But I wondered what I would do. Then it came to me. Run. I ran as fast as possible knowing there was a T-Rex right on my tail. I jumped in to the jeep and slammed on the accelerator causing the jeep to go flying down the road towards safety. The next problem I had was the Spinosarous (which if you ask me stands for killing machine.) I stopped the car and got the dart gun lying in the back and loaded it. I jumped out of the car and pulled the trigger twice watching the mighty beast fall to the floor. At that moment I knew I was safe.    

What do you think of our 100 word stories? Where does you mind take you when you hear the phrase “But I wondered what I would do?”


Granny’s Rug

This week in Maths, we have been investigating length, area and perimeter. This is the task we had:

“Granny has bought a new rug for her hallwaythat measures 1m x 1m. Unfortunately, she gets it home and finds it is too wide for her hallway!” Make Granny’s rug and calculate the area and perimeter of it. Resize Granny’s rug so it has the same area but will fit into her hallway (it has to be less than 1 metre wide!) Calculate the area and perimeter of her new rug. What do you notice? Record sketches and measurements of your rugs and write some statements about what you have discovered about area and perimeter.

Here are our efforts!




What do spoons have to do with fractions???

You might be wondering what on earth spoons have to do with fractions? Well …

We played a fractions game where we had to collect four equivalent numbers including a fraction, a decimal, a percentage and a visual representation. You had to be the first one to get all of your equivalent numbers and then you had to steal a spoon without people noticing. Once one spoon was gone, you could sneakily steal one for yourself. When everyone had collected a spoon, the person that got the first spoon had to check that he/she had all the correct matching numbers. The person who missed out on the spoon got 10 points. The object of the game was to have the LEAST points to be the winner. Today’s winners were:

Hannah G

Ben L




One thing we found is you really need to keep a close eye on the cards being passed and a closer eye on the spoons! You also had to know how to convert fractions to decimals and percentages. This is a game of skill and chance.


Truly Amazing Writing

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma Tornado, 5/6 M and M students wrote some amazing texts. They were moved by the images and video footage of what happened in Oklahoma, particularly in relation to the elementary school students. Melissa and I are SO proud of this writing and would like to share some of our brilliant writer’s work:


I Stood Still by Ethan


I stood still watching the devastation from the destructive wrath. Then the vicious cycle of wind heads towards me. I begin to run, watching familiar cars, houses and plants being torn apart and devoured by the rampaging tornado. But then it happens. I see things around me start moving. That was what I saw last before it all went black. At the time, I assumed I had died. But I am able to open my eyes, a hard throbbing in the back of my head. I wake up, blood oozing from my shoulder. I pull a sharp piece of tin from the wound. I try to remember but nothing comes up. I only remember seeing houses destroyed. I stand up trying to see things that I can remember. I see cars and houses and then I find a house with all parts of it intact. I walk into the house. I finally see something I remember. I see my face in a mirror. But as I keep walking I see my face again but this time it’s not a reflection, it’s a photo. I look at least 12 in this photo, younger than I look in the mirror. I assume I am at least 14 right now. I open a door. It has Ethan on it. Inside is a bed, shelf, cupboard and a computer on a long desk but this desk looks like it was already hit by a tornado before this one. I recognise this room at that moment. It is my room! Then I see a small black and white dog crawl out from under the corner of the bed. I remember this dog. Her name I can almost remember. Is it Sarah, or Zoe? I think about names for a minute but Zoe is commonly coming up so I say “Zoe”. She turns. Her name is Zoe. I leave the room and the dog follows me. I look for more photos. I find one. It’s of me and a six year old girl I assume is my sister. I search the whole house and find nothing of importance so I decide to leave the house. The dog continues to follow. I see all of the debris and the destruction. I look for some people who are familiar but nothing. There’s only about 50 people in this town. It looks like my house is one of the lucky ones. I see a group of four people and that girl is with them from the photo. I remember the rest of them. It’s my family Andrew, Karen and Ellla and my grandma. My mum yells out “Ethan” and my whole life flashes before me and I remember. I remember everything, my family, my friends and my pets. I finally stop panicking. The dog starts barking and I cry with happiness, knowing I have found my family and my memories.


Tornado by Eden

I am standing still watching the funnel of wind dancing towards me. I hear people shouting but I take no notice of them. I feel a tug at my arm. I suddenly jump into action running with my class mates to the safe place, the shed. We’re in the shed in a flash, shovelling out the remaining equipment onto the path, trying to make room for others. In what seems like no time at all, the funnel is next to us. We hear the howling of the wind crash the sides of the shed, making it seem like at any minute we will get ripped off ground. The wind slowly tears the thin metal off the walls but moves too quickly to get a grasp. We hear the screams of others as they walk outside, only to be sucked up into the grey funnel of doom. We all help lift up the door. We haven’t heard anything for minutes. We think it’s safe. As we slowly walk out into the gloomy world in front of us, we are horrified at the site. I fall to the ground and hold my head in my hands, not able to look at the ugly mess. I hear the cry of others as they realise this has actually happened and they have no school and they don’t know if their family is ok.



I’m standing still as I stare through the mountainous wreckage of the dismantled homes which the razing tornado ate through not long ago. The bare trees are hung with tin rooves that flew off the destruction of homes. The wreck makes me feel dizzy at the thought that the tornado struck my home Town. Everyone, everything I saw before has now become the past.



I stood still. I watched in complete horror. It truly seemed like a frightening dream, only it had somehow converted into real life, which was a whole lot more terrifying. I couldn’t even bring myself to imagine what this destructive nightmare would do to my home town. Suddenly, I heard screeching sirens getting louder and louder as they travelled closer, Police cars briskly drove past us, red and blue lights flashing rapidly. As the tornado started to get closer and bigger my family and I decided it was time to leave, grabbing our most precious possessions. We headed for the car and drove away swiftly. We were all devastated to leave our home, but it was our only hope. I looked out the window and took one last look at the ginormous twister, and imagined what it might be like when we came back. My heart sank; I knew we would never see our house the way it was before again.


Lachie H

I stood still as the giant vacuum sucked up everything in its wake. Paralysed with fear I looked everywhere for protection but nothing was strong enough, strong enough.  Death was near. I saw citizens being sucked out by the twister. Finally it finds me. I start to run but the sky monster gains rapidly, can’t even describe it. At last the chase ends as I face a massive wall. I stand defeated. I face it as it shreds me apart. I take my last look at the world which is now rubble. Suddenly, the tornado starts to fade. Too late. I get sucked in and out of the top. Somehow I survive. Now plummeting at top speed, I prepare for death. My bones shatter and I die the most painful death I can think of.




The Davey Dragons

Here are two drawings that Ethan did over the weekend.

Ethan: the two dragons I drew as two different species of dragons; the one on the left being a male magma dragon and the one on the right is a female aquatic dragon. These dragons are not from anything and are completely free hand drawn.