Amazing Designers in 5/6 M and M

This term we are doing a novel study. Each student has selected a novel that appeals to him or her and we are going to use these novels throughout the term to find out about how writers work, the kind of devices they use in their texts and how to improve our own writing. The first task was to create a front cover in our literature books depicting the novel selected. Here are the best ones, as selected by the class and Mary. It was VERY hard to choose as there were so many wonderful illustrations. These are inspiring …


Guest Post by Bianca and Kikki: Michael Mangan visits Holy Spirit!

On Monday, Michael Mangan came to our school to perform two concerts for us. He lives in Brisbane and he writes and sings songs about our faith in God. He played guitar along with singing. He told us he also plays piano. His songs taught us about the different ways of praising God. After he sang each song, he told us what he thinks of the meanings of his songs and made us think of how we can make our relationship with God stronger. He showed us some actions to some of his songs that made us want to sing along. One of his latest albums came out last year, but still rock our world this year as he taught us each one. We all had lots of fun with him, rocking out and praising softly.


Gallery Viewing Term 1

The 5/6 M and M Gallery Viewing Team did a wonderful job sharing all our Term 1 learning with our school community. It was great to have our blog to showcase some of the great work we have done during the term and the ‘Harlem Shuffle‘ was a BIG hit with all the visitors to our room. We also enjoyed going around to some of the other classes and seeing what they have been learning about. Here are some photos of our team in action – well done team!

Jelly Bean contest!

For our Homework this week we had to figure out a way to earn some money to put in the project compassion box.Benji and I are doing a jelly bean contest to make some money our prices are:

.1 guess for 50 cents  or

.3 guesses for a dollar

please note: prices may change

thanks hope you can make a guess.

by will and Benji

Sign Holding!

Our class excitedly line up at the door, holding our inspirational signs and thinking about what might happen when others see our posters. As we start to walk down the stairs towards the door, we are all pretty nervous. Once we get out the door, we raise our signs, and everyone sees them. I can see the students reactions and most of them are probably thinking, ”What are they doing?”, ”Why are the doing that?” and ”This is so weird and unusual!”. Once we start to walk up the stairs towards the school opening, we can see the smiles on all the parents faces and I’m sure that the whole class feel heartwarmed. We wave at any cars going past and they wave back and smile, and sometimes they even honk! I observe the way that all the car honks sound different. When a car honks, we all cheer. It was such a great feeling when someone waved, gave a thumbs up, honked, or even just smiled at our posters. It made us feel successful and satisfied. I think this whole experience has helped our community by cheering people up and giving them positive quotes to think about. This was a very fun and joyful experience. I hope to do it again in the future.

By Grace

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Guest Post by Hannah R Dunalley Pick Me Up Project

For Integrated/Religon we are suppoting Dunalley Primary school in Tasmania. We are brainstorming ideas about how we can make their day. The reason why we are supporting this school is because it was burnt down. The only things remaining were a very old chimney and the sign at the front of the school. So far we have watched a video about their school. The video showed us photos of their school before it burnt down and after it had burnt down. We saw how beautiful their school was especially being by the ocean which is why we thought it was a little bit of a surprise that it burnt down. One of the sad things was they had just built a brand new playground for the students. Some of the ideas we have had include sending them each a letter from us, having a lolly jar competition to raise some money to buy some things for them and making some bits and pieces for them. We hope they can get back on track for a really happy life. Here is the video!