An AMAZING 100 Word Story


Black Hole

Silence. I rap against the cool, steel safe door. No one comes. I delicately chew on my stolen Snickers bar, savouring it in case I’m stuck here for a few days. Crouching in the enclosed space, a sliver of light penetrates through a small space at the bottom of the safe door. I can just make out another piece of paper with a massive black spot in the middle of the page. Shoving my Snickers bar into my pocket, I pick up the paper and glide my arm through the spot and it disappears again. I pull out my arm and hastily place the black hole on the inside of the safe door, I plunge my head through the hole and my body slithers back onto the hard, office floor. I’m free, not for long….

By Bianca.

A trip to Healesville Sanctuary

I used to think …
                              …. but now I know ….


I used to think that there weren’t that many endangered animals that seriously needed to be helped. Now I have changed my mind after learning more about them at Healesville Sanctuary. I now know that there are so many species of animals like the Tasmanian devil that are endangered that we need to help. Something I would like to know more about is the Tasmanian devil and the deadly facial tumour that they can get which kills them. I learnt that there is a wide range of ways to help save these animals that could soon be extinct if we don’t do something. Those include raising money to build a breeding place for a certain species of animals, chopping down fewer trees so animals like the orange bellied parrot and the lead beaters possum have a place to live and breed in. Yesterday I even learnt that simple things like becoming a member or volunteer at a place like Healesville Sanctuary, can help fight extinction. This trip to Healesville Sanctuary has really helped me properly understand the risk and threat that these animals face, and what I can do about it.     

by Hannah G

Before going to Healesville I knew all the different conservation status of Australian native animals and wether they were endangered, Vulnerable,   threatened, near threatened, extinct and extinct in the wild. What Healesville taught me is how the animals came to be in those categories and how we can help and support the programs that are trying to save them.


  I always knew Tasmania Devils were endangered, but I never knew why. At Healesville I learnt that they are endangered because of a facial tumour they get when fighting for food or road kill, with other devils and it is very contagious. They are trying to help Tassie devils by breeding them and stopping them from fighting with other Tasmanian devils with tumours on their face.


Healesville have agreed to look after and care for twenty endangered animals around Australia, so the animals can help restore their numbers and be well populated in the wild again. We had to pick an endangered animal off the list and use our devices and the information around the sanctuary, to come up with a plan to help save that animal. Our plan was to support black and white day, by raising to donate to the sanctuary. The money that they earn goes to building special centres and breeding programs on the main land of Australia and in Tasmania.       

By Will




100 Word Challenge Week 3 Mady

Five, four, three, two, one. The gong sounded loud through the arena. I sprinted off my metal plate and headed for the jungle. My breathing too fast for my liking, I hid behind a large, green bush, watching the other tributes. Suddenly, I saw Finnick, eyeing the bush where I concealed myself. He started to head my way, but I was one step ahead of him and I was gone, into the dark, green jungle where I knew he couldn’t follow. I heard him call my name, “Katniss, Katniss” but I kept running. I really wanted to stop but I knew I couldn’t; my heart was beating incredibly fast… 


Congratulations to Mady whose 100WC made it to the showcase this fortnight! Visit to see her name up in lights!

100 Word Challenge Week 3 Bess

My heart was beating incredibly fast. All I could think of was… RUN, RUN, RUN! The astronomical wave was plunged over me and I swirled out into the deep. The wave marched on devouring everything in its path, like a giant gobbling up its tea. I struggled for breath gasping and spluttering for air. I grabbed onto a lamp pole. Another wave shot out of the water and I went down. The lamp pole banged against my leg and I screeched out in pain. But only I could hear myself. Then the pole flew back. This time it hit my head. Then my world went black.


Congratulations to Mady whose 100WC made it to the showcase this fortnight! Visit to see her name up in lights!


100 Word Challenge Week 3 Lachie G

The sparkling stars fill the night sky like angels falling from heaven. The tower standing tall and proud as I wave in the shadow of the fig tree, as the wind whistled past so silently, yet so stealthily. My heart was beating incredibly fast as I took a leap of faith, landing on the soft grass in silence. I gaze up at the one window above as it scrapes the sky with its height. I plant one hand on the castle walls, as I take a deep breath and start to climb, for I know this could be the last day for me on earth  


With catastrophe, the blazing bushfire marches across the valley (LG). Homes set ablaze; lighting up the eerie, tainted sky. (PO). Advancing rapidly towards endangered homes and  residents, the fire uncontrollably swallows everything in its path and moves swiftly onwards. (BG). The fire creeps forward and licks burnt trees, run down houses and sweeps up all the dust like a tornado. (GH) Devastated families try to escape the destructive fire before they are swallowed by the fierce flames. (HRB). A hair-raising gust of wind passes, making the sizzling fire travel higher and higher up the sooty trees. (HB).The wind runs, swiftly though the forest.(LE) The carnage burns down everything in site. (LV) A gail force wind kicks up a wave of fire, provoking it to engulf the survivors. (LH) The  roaring fire bucks up like a horse in the blazing wind.(JM)  People can’t run from this!(BG) A parched tongue licks up its dessert. (BL) The fiery tongue curiously looks around for lively scraps to digest.(ZA) The fire climbs up trees burning what once was lush bush land(CS) With the burning fire becoming uncontrollable, the survivors sit with despair and stare at what used to be their homes and is now charcoal and ash.(WN)  Frantically, they search around trying to find any valuables that haven’t been hit.(HG) Residents watch in horror, as their homes and hope are lost. (GW) Devastation washes over everyone like a wave hitting the sand.(BH) Lives flash before their eyes with the horror of death.(KS) When all their dreams are burnt to cinders, the firemen pat citizens on the back. (KW) What  now? No home; no food. (MR) Lumps throb in their throats, their hearts snap in half and water swells in their stunned eyes.(EO) In despair, people stare into the wasteland that has consumed lives, homes and hope. (ED) As fewer flames dance and sizzle, locals shed tears in desperation for a place to call home.(CW) Tears tumble down the hopeless survivor’s cheeks, depression is written all over their faces as the final flame sizzles out. (EA) Crisp, black coal scolds the earth.(ZB)




News from our traveler Livinia!

Hey guys! 

How are you? 

On the 26th of April, my family and I left on my 4th overseas holiday, 
Thailand! Our plane left at 5 past midnight and took 8 hours to Kuala 
Lumpur which was where we were stopping over. We stayed at the airport for 
3 hours which I did some homework and had a snack. Then we were off to 

Once we landed, it was about lunch time. There was an hour drive to the 
Centara Karon Resort. I fell asleep on the drive so it seemed like 20 
minutes. When we got there, we had lunch, a long swim, and dinner at my 
favourite restaurant from last year, Papya. 

Here are some things that I have done so far: 
•Played with a baby elephant in a car park (His name was Johnny) 
•Saw two 4D movies (My favourite was the roller coaster, I screamed!) 
•Many night swims 
•Hand fed fish bananas 
•Stood on the floating soccer pitch (From the video we saw on leaders day) 
•Went to a pool party 
•Went to a shooting range (I got two bullseyes) 
•Saw the big Buddha 
•Canoeing through caves 
• Tuk Tuk rides (It’s a taxi) 
•Went to many markets (I have bought so many things) 
•Cashew nut factory (Did you know that Cashews come from a special type ofapple?) 
•Made some friends 

And still more things to do. 

Yesterday, we went to splash Jungle which is a water park. My favourite slide would be the BOOMERANGO beacuse it’s scary-fun.

Hope to hear from you guys soon, 

Anzac Day Snapshots

Our class  worked on rich writing after we had participated in an Anzac Day Prayer Service and looked at some of the Anzac information loaded on our blog. In snapshot writing, the goal is to make the reader feel like he/she is right in the moment of what is happening. The focus is on the senses – what can I see, smell, hear, taste and touch and how do these things make me feel. Here are some samples of our writing:


Suffering and Mateship                      8/7/1917

I see people leaping for cover as blood pours all over the dusty ground, the sounds of the enemy coming closer and closer. Suddenly, I hear an ear splitting cry! I spin around (one eye still on the enemy’s guns) and I see a fighter lying on the ground, holding his stomach. I sprint to the spot where he lays and fall to my knees at his side. I look around desperately at the surrounding chaos. I see the boat we arrived on. I pull and pull, yanking his arm over the rim and lie him down. I take off my shirt and wrap it around his wounds. “You’ll be alright, mate” And I know this is only the beginning!  

(by Mady)

Anzac Snapshot: Death and loss.

Here I stand on muddy ground with bodies and blood sprawled everywhere. Here I look, there have been so many lives lost and these bodies are no longer able to return to their loved ones. Here I ask myself, why did I ever come here? What’s the point of fighting when so many soldiers go to war and so few return. I never wanted to be a murderer and yet here I am, deeply regretting what I have done on the shores of Gallipoli.

(by Bianca)

Ngawangchodron Poppy Explosion: ecstaticist remix

Guest Post by Bianca and Kikki: Michael Mangan visits Holy Spirit!

On Monday, Michael Mangan came to our school to perform two concerts for us. He lives in Brisbane and he writes and sings songs about our faith in God. He played guitar along with singing. He told us he also plays piano. His songs taught us about the different ways of praising God. After he sang each song, he told us what he thinks of the meanings of his songs and made us think of how we can make our relationship with God stronger. He showed us some actions to some of his songs that made us want to sing along. One of his latest albums came out last year, but still rock our world this year as he taught us each one. We all had lots of fun with him, rocking out and praising softly.


Jelly Bean contest!

For our Homework this week we had to figure out a way to earn some money to put in the project compassion box.Benji and I are doing a jelly bean contest to make some money our prices are:

.1 guess for 50 cents  or

.3 guesses for a dollar

please note: prices may change

thanks hope you can make a guess.

by will and Benji