News from our traveler Livinia!

Hey guys! 

How are you? 

On the 26th of April, my family and I left on my 4th overseas holiday, 
Thailand! Our plane left at 5 past midnight and took 8 hours to Kuala 
Lumpur which was where we were stopping over. We stayed at the airport for 
3 hours which I did some homework and had a snack. Then we were off to 

Once we landed, it was about lunch time. There was an hour drive to the 
Centara Karon Resort. I fell asleep on the drive so it seemed like 20 
minutes. When we got there, we had lunch, a long swim, and dinner at my 
favourite restaurant from last year, Papya. 

Here are some things that I have done so far: 
•Played with a baby elephant in a car park (His name was Johnny) 
•Saw two 4D movies (My favourite was the roller coaster, I screamed!) 
•Many night swims 
•Hand fed fish bananas 
•Stood on the floating soccer pitch (From the video we saw on leaders day) 
•Went to a pool party 
•Went to a shooting range (I got two bullseyes) 
•Saw the big Buddha 
•Canoeing through caves 
• Tuk Tuk rides (It’s a taxi) 
•Went to many markets (I have bought so many things) 
•Cashew nut factory (Did you know that Cashews come from a special type ofapple?) 
•Made some friends 

And still more things to do. 

Yesterday, we went to splash Jungle which is a water park. My favourite slide would be the BOOMERANGO beacuse it’s scary-fun.

Hope to hear from you guys soon,