Literacy Links

Report Writing

Here are some links to reports you can use to help you find out more about how reports are written:

This website allows you to create your own newspaper:

And this one will allow you to generate a newspaper clipping:


 Using DocStory

Watch this conversation between Auggie and Summer. After you have watched it, create your own conversation between two of the characters from Wonder. You may work with a partner and you will need to plan out your conversation before you start typing it. When you are finished, save the ‘share link’ into your digital portfolio and we will all be able to see your work.

Here’s mine:

3 thoughts on “Literacy Links

  1. Hi 5/6 MM,
    I really love this page! It helps me very often when I’m at school and when I’m at home. If I want to go onto a site I Learnt about in school when I’m at home, I just have to get onto the blog, go to literacy links and click on the link I want to visit. Are there going to be more links on this page by the end of term 2?
    Once again, I really love this page,
    From Mady

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