Natural Disasters Inquiry

Here are some links you might find useful for our Inquiry into Natural Disasters in our world. Let Mary or Melissa know if you find any resources you would like to share so we can add them here.

Are you prepared?

Games for Change: Stop Disasters

ThinkQuest: Disaster in Hawaii

Wild Weather Adventure

Videos of Natural Disasters

Get the Facts: Bushfires

Savage Earth Animations

Large Collection of Resources, Some Interactive

KidsConnect: Natural Disasters

Flash Games and Presentations

Preparing for Disasters

Country Fire Authority

Emergency Management Australia


8 thoughts on “Natural Disasters Inquiry

  1. Hi M and M i was doing a search for ideas for our planning and your link came up! Looks like you have found lots already. Well done! Marianne

  2. Hi 5/6 MM,

    I can’t wait to start learning about such an interesting topic.
    It will be fun learning about how our earth reacts to these natural disasters and how these disasters work.
    What sort of natural disasters will we be learning about this term?

    See you soon!

    • Dear Bianca,
      I agree it will be a really interesting topic and I am looking forward to finding out about the effects of natural disasters on the community where they occur. I think you will be able to choose which particular type of disaster you would like to find out more about but we will be probably cover earthquake, tsunami, bushfire and tornado generally with the whole class. Is there any one of these that interests you? I find bushfire interesting because it is such a part of our Australian experience.
      Thanks for your comment,

  3. Hi 5/6 MM,

    I’m so excited to be learning on the Natural Disasters topic! So many happen that it would be so educational to learn how and why they happen. Are there any Natural Disasters in particular that we are learning about?


  4. Dear M and M
    I liked the avalanche video on a link. I think it was great learning about them as I’ve never seen or heard about them before. Do we have avalanches in Australia? I look forward to learning more about natural disasters this term.
    Lachlan H

  5. Hi,
    In NZ we have had some bad earthquakes. One in Christchurch in 2011 scared everyone very badly. Our school hall has been identified as an earthquake risk, so we cant use it anymore.
    Wellington has lots of earthquakes, because it is on a fault line. Parts of Wellington, and Petone (Where our school is) were underwater until a big earthquake in the 1800s lifted the ground up.

    Maia-Kakapo Sacred Heart Petone NZ

  6. That sounds worrying, i am not very good with earthquakes because
    i live in englang so are earthquakes arnt very big,
    but i think the video helps me with understanding what an earthquake
    can do.
    Great blog!
    mya (tamarpuipl blog)

  7. Hi 5/6mandm,
    It’s great to see that both grades are enjoying learning about Natural Disasters.
    Will you show some work on your blog for us to see?

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