Photo Diary

On this page, you will find photos from 5/6 M and M Holy Spirit Community School.  Our class is going to take photos of our everyday school life and post them here so.  

Enjoy and learn!

Planning our Excitement Graphs in our novel groups

Playing Spoons- keep your wits about you!

Ready for the amazing fractions play!

Georgia and her magnificent mosaic

Kikki strategising during a game of 'Elevens'

Heading off to Cross Country Trials

Starting the day with meditation

Michael Mangan gets us fired up

Having fun Gangnam Style!

Bess brightens someone's day

Great work by Mady in our Community unit

Building community

2 thoughts on “Photo Diary

  1. Hey,
    That sounds like a cool idea! If you would like to know about different schools, perhaps our ‘Camera Club’ could send you some photos of our school in New Zealand. Our school life is probably very different from yours so it will be interesting to look at the different photos.
    Good luck!


  2. Hi Maia.
    That would be great! We would love to see some of your photos. DO you have them on your blog?
    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply – I knew there was an extra comment on our blog somewhere but it has taken me ages to find it!! We could even put some photos of our Quadblogging buddies on our blog. Your teacher has my email address so maybe talk to him and see what he thinks. I admire you for blogging in your holidays. Awesome work!
    Mary (teacher of 5/6 M and M)

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