Four day hike on Maria Island

On the 23rd February, my mother and I hiked our way through the wilderness that rests on Maria Island, located off the

eastern coast of Tasmania.

This was to be a fabulous experience full of invigorating walks, load bearing packs and treasured moments, lapping up

the world as God created it to be.   We travelled by bus from Hobart to Triabunna, boarded a boat from the pier and anchored

just short of the shore off Maria’s coast.  We placed our 10kg packs on our backs and waded through the crystal waters

to land upon a majestic but deserted beach.  We trudged along the beach and crossed an isthmus to reach another beach

which led to our first camp.  For the next four days we were to live without power, flushing toilets, televisions, computers

or even radios.  Heaven on a stick!